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FB8 — Privacy Policy

We do not collect any information about our visitor's email or referring domain. For visitors on FB8.us we collect Aggregate General Tracking information about pages that users visit on our site.

The information that we collect is used for tracking and internal review information only and it is then discarded.

Cookies and or web beacons are being used to collect data in the ad serving process. We may partner with third party advertising or content delivering services to deliver relevant ads or content to our visitors.

With respect to security, we use industry standard encryption technologies, when transferring and receiving data from visitors on our website.

Some third party ad companies may use Log files cookies which collect information about your ISP, Browser, if you have flash installed on your computer.

The reason these companies collect this information is so that they can target advertising that is specific to you, it means if you are some one interested in football website it will show advertising that is targeted towards football.

Double Click and the parent company Google may use what is called DART cookies on this site, basically what this does is place a cookie on your computer when you see advertising by Google Adsense or Double Clicks advertising. The reason they do this is so that the website in which you are viewing can serve specific advertising that is 99% relevant to your site. Double clicks dart technology does no track your personal information about you at all.

You can also disable or turn off third party cookies in your browser settings by using programs such as Norton or any other virus related program. Yet this could in turn affect your ability to log into forums or other websites which you have saved your log in details on using cookies.

To totally disallow advertising you need to not allow any cookies. We will also never sell your personally information to any one at all.

finally we are not connected with Facebook in any way shape or form, also if their are any concerns regarding the website please contact the web master.